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  • You're in safe hands (15 years experience)
  • Quality lead (We know you want the best)
  • Special offer prices (We understand you want great value)
  • Environmentally friendly stair runners (We care like you)
  • Unique bespoke stair runners and products
  • Great service (We care about our customers)
  • World wide stair runners delivery

Stair Runner Ocean Mist
Whatever the shape of your stair runner we have the solution for you!

It may be that your stair runner has a half landing or winding stairs. Don’t worry we have all the answers. Our landing page has many examples so you can identify your layout. Then don’t hesitate to email us we will provide a free estimate and project plan for you.

Our mission-To make your stair runner project an easy,effortless and high quality project. 

Its fifteen years since we fitted our first natural stair runner and we never stop trying to improve our customers experience and outcome. 

Superlative Quality stair runners -When we buy our materials our primary focus is on quality . Quality of products, quality of manufacture and quality of finish. For example, we  use hand died borders, which are made of natural materials for a Matt sophisticated finish.Real brass stair rods which give an unrivaled depth of luster and last a lifetime longevity. What that means to you is that our stair runners look warm and inviting, are strong and last long . We know that's what you want from your stair runners.

Choosing a stair runner is fun but can also be confusing , specially if you have some unusual shapes or turns in your stairs. Whatever the shape you have,we have a solution, that's guaranteed!We have a page called stair runner landings which covers many of the common shapes. But remember you can always email us if you need any extra info. We will be delighted to help.

Eco friendly stair runners.We realize that practicality has to harmonize with the  realities of life . Our materials are 100% biodegradable and highly sustainable. They also look great and wear well. So you can fit our stair runners with a clean conscience  and a great outcome.

Fast delivery. Most of our stair runners can be delivered in three working days . So if your a designer on a deadline or a developer and time is money, we are here to help.

Managing directors statement.
Since I was a child I have always admired  how some companies cast aside the restraints of expense and simply focus on being and producing the best .  It is with this belief ,we make your stair runners!